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by 4:00PM Monday through Friday

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Date Returning - (mm/dd/yy). If unsure, enter NA:*
If Emergency, please note the location:
Type of Absence:
Emergency Contact Name:
Emergency Contact Phone:
Emergency Contact Relationship:
MAIL SERVICE: To hold mail, please complete and submit the yellow US Postal Authorization Hold Mail Form, located in the Smith Ranch Forms Binder in the Mail Room, and place the form in your mailbox.
NEWSPAPER SERVICE: If you would like Valet to stop or hold your newspapers:
If selected above, please indicate Hold/Stop Date - (mm/dd/yy):
If selected above, please indicate Start Date - (mm/dd/yy):
INTERNAL WORK IN UNIT: Authorized SRH Personnel allowed to enter unit...
OUTSIDE SERVICES: For all outside services, please review the Indemnification and Hold Harmless Agreement below.
Checking this box acknowledges submission of this form and agreement to the SRH Indemnification & Hold Harmless Agreement below (if necessary):*
THIS AGREEMENT, entered into this day by and between Smith Ranch Homes Homeowners’ Association (hereinafter The Association), and myself, the owner of the Unit listed above of Smith Ranch Homes, a condominium, hereinafter the unit owner(s), its successors or assigns,

WHEREAS the Homeowner has requested the following special service(s) be performed and/or permitted during this absence from Smith Ranch Homes,

WHEREAS the Association has agreed to provide and/or permit these services,

The unit’s owner(s) agree(s) as follows:

1.     To Indemnify and Hold Harmless the Association from all claims, demands or suits brought against the Association arising out of the approved special services during their absence.

2.     That any funds expended by the Association to provide these special services or to defend any claim, demand or suit shall be deemed to be an amount due by the unit owner(s) to the Association without offset and may be the basis for a lien against the unit and said lien may be foreclosed pursuant to the provisions of the Declaration of Condominium.

Additionally, any money expended by the Association to enforce this agreement for attorney’s fees and court costs shall be recoverable by the Association against the unit owner(s), whether or not a lawsuit is commenced to enforce this Agreement.
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