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I/We apply to the Architectural Committee for approval of the above described changes. I/We understand that the Committee has the right to request removal of the changes at my/our expense, if the proposed changes are made prior to receipt of written approval.
The Architectural Committee will review requests at its next regularly scheduled meeting. Each application will be acknowledged within five (5) business days when received by management and you will be informed if any necessary follow-up is required. Applicants will be notified of the Committee’s decision within ten (10) business days following review. Some requests may be deferred for more information and you will be notified accordingly. The Architectural Committee will consider only written and complete applications. Photographs of the proposed personal items are encouraged. Management will assist owners in completing applications properly.
THIS AGREEMENT, entered into this day, by and between Smith Ranch Homes Homeowners’ Association (hereinafter The Association), and
the owner of said unit of Smith Ranch Homes, a condominium, hereinafter the unit owner(s), its successors or assigns.

The unit’s owner(s) agree(s) as follows:

1. To at all times maintain and repair the approved decoration/alteration. That upon ten (10) days written notice by the Association that the decoration/alteration needs repair or maintenance, to make said repair or maintenance to the decoration/alteration in a timely manner. Any extension of time must be requested.

2. To Indemnify and Hold Harmless the Association from all claims, demands or suits brought against the Association arising out of the decorations, alterations, theft or damage.

3. That any funds expended by the Association to remove, repair or maintain the alteration or to defend any claim, demand or suit shall be deemed to be an amount due by the unit owner(s) to the Association without offset and may be the basis for a lien against the unit and said lien may be foreclosed pursuant to the provisions of the Declaration of Condominium. Additionally, any money expended by the Association to enforce this Agreement for attorney’s fees and court costs shall be recoverable by the Association against the unit owner(s), whether or not a lawsuit is commenced to enforce this Agreement.

4. In the event the Fire Department or any other governmental agency requires removal or alteration(s), the owner will be required to comply with said request immediately upon notification.

5. That the Association, when it grants approval, does not waive its rights to have items removed from the common area property nor any of its other rights as they pertain to common area property. Any costs of removal shall be the responsibility of the unit owner.

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